Thursday, October 13, 2011


Each morning I awake to my 10 year old daughter getting ready for school and then slamming the door on her way out to the bus. She's very self-sufficient and I'm extremely thankful for that. Some mornings I barely get a kiss goodbye. After she leaves, Dexter and Lucy jump up on the bed to make sure I'm awake to feed them. I get up, take them out and start my morning coffee ritual. I love to sleep, but I think I love that cup of java even more. Something about the aroma and full bodied taste at 7:45am, in complete silence, makes every day smoother and gives me time to be grateful before I succumb to the monotony of adulthood.

On certain mornings I have to instantly get ready for work after I finish my coffee, but on other days I get to talk myself into working out so I can maintain a healthy lifestyle. I eat breakfast, pack my lunch, maybe do some laundry, and then I figure out which exercise routine I'd like to accomplish for that day. I've been doing Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30, which is basically The Shred on steroids. There are 4 very intense levels and lately I've been going back and forth between levels 2 and 3. Tuesday, I bit the bullet and tried out level 4. Whoa. My body is a machine and I was very proud of myself for accomplishing that feat, but let's be honest, there was a small amount of whining during certain moves. If you're familiar, you can relate. 

Ok, ok, I'm getting ahead of myself. What makes me wanna do this 4 times a week? My motivation mostly comes from within. I know that if I work out I will feel amazing all day and it will carry on throughout the week. I also have a buddy system with a few of my friends. When we work out we tell each other and that keeps me going. Exercise, for me, is like a happy pill. I feel calm and relaxed and overall my attitude is more positive than if I hadn't been working out. The sensation right after I finish my routine is all I need to keep me motivated. Of course, a healthy diet helps too. You can't eat crap and then exercise and expect to feel good. It doesn't work that way, sorry. The right foods give you the right amount of energy for a good work out. And don't forget hydration. Hydration is key.

After a good workout, aside from the stretching, I like to do a little journaling about what I'm grateful for that day and how I envision what my day will turn out to be. This is always a great time for me do some reflecting. I often praise myself for accomplishing my exercise routine and during this time I tell my buddies that I completed my workout. This is their motivation and it works like a charm. As a matter of fact I just finished level 3 with no modifications. Thank you very much. 

Now that I have you motivated enough to engage yourself in some physical activity, make a mental note of how your body and mind is enveloped with this new found feeling. Take it in and recall exactly what it did for your being. There's no way you can be regretful about something so amazing. YOU have the power. Even if you don't want to lose any weight, simply do it for your mental health. I assure that you will be proud of yourself for successfully taking that extra step in a better direction. 


  1. Jillian isn't human and her workouts make me feel like I wanna stab her while whining!! Afterwards though, I wanna bring her in for a hug.

  2. I haven't been brave enough to try Jillian, but I am in need of a new workout so... I may be whining right with you.
    And I love that Jaida is independent. Danny gets Addison ready for school 4 days out of 5, and I feel guilty sometimes that I'm shirking my mom duty. It's nice to be reminded that fostering independence is a pretty important mom duty too.