Monday, October 10, 2011

Turning bad to better.

Everyone goes through something awful in their lifetime. Some deal with more than others, but essentially there isn't one person out there who hasn't had something bad happen to them. I, too, am one of these people. I used to take the bad and make it worse by hiding behind anger and cynicism. Often taking it out on others. It's always much easier to just throw your troubles at someone else and blame them for your situations, right? Well, that's the person I used to be and as I'm not exactly proud of that fact, I at least can admit that I was, at one time, not such a great person. I've lived, dealt with more, and decided to change. Change. What a hard thing to do, especially if you're so used to a certain way of handling things. Well, it was a slow change, but a change nonetheless.

I believe it was a book, yes another book to show me the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel, that opened my eyes to what I was doing to myself all of these years. Some of you may be familiar with The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I picked this book up and it smacked me in the face with such force that I couldn't believe what it was telling me. You mean I can just turn my thoughts around, think positively and attract more positive to my life? Like magic?! I was skeptical, but I started applying the law of attraction to my day to day happenings. I don't know if it started to turn things around for me right away but I know my attitude about everyday occurrences started to change. I felt happier and more at ease and a weight that I was carrying for so long seemed to lift from my being. I found myself treating others better, had more patience, and overall life was easier than it was before. I now understood that if my thoughts became negative or I was complaining that more of what I didn't want would come back to me. What a strange and wonderful new concept.

We struggled with money for awhile. Living paycheck to paycheck is never any fun. When you worry about money, you are not happy. I know people say money doesn't buy happiness and I agree to an extent, but now that I've come out of that hole of never having it to always having more than enough, worrying about whether you can pay your bills is a huge downer. I took the advice of the book and instead of dreading paying rent, the car payment, utilities...I would feel thankful that I had enough funds to pay them. Money became a thing of the past. I don't worry about it anymore. I am grateful for our jobs and the endless supply that comes every week and we are always willing to give whenever there is a chance to help someone else. Giving is huge. Whenever you give you receive. It's so simple. There is always someone out there who needs it more than you do. Never forget that.

This whole concept can be used for anything. I recently have been using it for my health or to help others with whatever they may be struggling with in life. I had a strange bout of anxiety that I pretty much talked myself out of. It seems hokey, I'm sure, but it really works. I just got to a point where enough was enough and I couldn't allow myself to feel that way any longer. It's a lot like that pre-game talk the coach gives out to pump up the players before a big game. You have to tell yourself what will happen, how you're going to feel and then sit back and watch it unfold before your very eyes. If you worry your way through situations it will only make it worse. I know, I've been there. It's a day to day struggle sometimes making sure everything is going according to plan, but once you're on that frequency of attracting positivity into everyday life you get to think less and enjoy more of your days.

Sure, life can be hard and we all deal with things differently, but it can lighten a load a lot faster by just being positive. Let go of the past, live in the present, breathe, meditate, pray, whatever makes you get to that point of being ok with being alive. Have patience with others, especially if you know they're struggling with something. Give where ever there is a possibility to give. Love with a full heart, even the things you never thought you could love. You may be laughing but you won't know unless you try. The hippy inside of me believes that if we all figure out that we can shape our own lives with our own thoughts that we could all make this world a much better place to live. It's not so far fetched. Right? So, what are you waiting for?